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Beaded Rhinestone Graduation Stole: Graduation Stole includes beaded rhinestones along the trim of the graduation stole.  


Celebrate your big day expressing yourself in a unique rhinestoned graduation cap, tassel, stole and more.  Design your very own graduation apparel with GlamGrad by Khloe Angela in three easy steps!


1) Select your Graduation Stole color

2) Select your Graduation Stole trim color

3) Select your Graduation Stole trim beading


All orders are hand-made.

Beaded Rhinestone Graduation Stole

Graduation Stole Color
Graduation Stole Trim Color
Graduation Stole Trim Beading
  • Production begins approximately 24 hours after order and payment is received.  Items in production cannot be changed or canceled.  There is no refunds or exchanges granted.

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